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#WCW - Tamara

Since day one, when we opened our doors back in October, Tamara has been a part of the Sculpted Finery family. Only months after having child #2, it was almost a guarantee Tamara would be attending one of Tracey's morning class. Her goals were imbedded into her head and holy did this lady have drive!

Tamara has come to each class with determination to get back to her prebaby body. Each class as she walks in smiling, she has the look in her eyes that this was her time and she is going to kill that class. Watching her challenge herself daily, whether she wants to be there or not, she never gives up!

Tracey knows first hand that as an instructor and a mom some days just don't go according to plan, either mentally or physically, but this has never stopped Tamara and her body definitely depicts that will power makes such a difference!

Tamara, we are so proud that you have included Sculpted Finery in this journey and are inspired by you in so many ways. We can't wait to see you next, we know you love those combo classes!

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