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#WCW - Liana

Here at Sculpted Finery we are in awe of the women who are a part of this studio community. These are women from all different age groups, different career types and goals. As such, we want to highlight some of these amazing women in what we call #WCW (woman crush Wednesdays).

Our very first feature is Liana. Liana began coming to the studio in the new year. As an instructor I could sense some nerves and hesitation from her, especially when asked to put her foot on the barre.

With determination and consistency, Liana has grown so much over the last 3 months in her ability, strength and flexibility. We are so proud of her progress - so much so that Tracey and I often bring up with each other the different accomplishments that we see Liana crushing.

Liana is also an incredibly sweet person. She is always checking in after class to see how life is treating us, she is certainly a contribution to this amazing studio community.

When we asked her about her progress, this is what she had to say:

"As a middle aged woman new to exercise, I cannot believe the strength I am gaining at barre! I can't do everything yet, but I see my potential under the tutelage instruction of Sculpted Finery!"

Liana, we are so glad that you are part of this community and look forward to watching you continue to excel. You are right that you are full of potential, and are well on your way.

- Kelsey

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