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#WCW - Jess

Our second Woman Crush Wednesday is a young lady named Jess. There is a lot I could say about Jess. She's about to graduate from high school, she is a kind and determined person and I have no doubt that she will be successful in anything she choses to do once she graduates.

Jess' story is a bit different from others' who come to the studio. Formally a competitive soccer player, she suffered a neck injury and is no longer able to play to the capacity that she used to. I think we can all agree that being a teenager is tough in general. I can't imagine what it was like to end up with that kind of injury and needing to step away from the pitch. Jess didn't let that setback stop her from having physical activity in her life. She started to explore other options, and lucky for us, she found Sculpted Finery.

At first a little shy, we've seen her open up and flourish at the studio. In both Pound and Barre classes, Jess' confidence and ability has grown exponentially. She is a prime example of how amazing this studio community is.